Super Scholars

2019-2020 Super Scholars Requirements

General Requirements (Students in grades 3-8)

• Students must be enrolled in Pocahontas County Schools since November 1, 2019
• Students must have an overall cumulative average of 90% or higher in the following subjects: Math, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science (Language Arts may include a variety of classes, but must be represented by one total average.)
• Eligibility is determined by taking each nine week’s averages over the first three nine weeks in each of the required areas (Math, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science) and then averaging them all together for a final determination. Proper rounding off is permitted to obtain numerical averages.

General Requirements for High School Students

• Students must have been enrolled in Pocahontas County High School no later than November 1, 2019
• Attain a 3.75 cumulative average for first three nine weeks