We have multiple feeding sites during the summer! We have two distribution sites located at Marlinton Middle School and Green Bank Elementary-Middle School to receive 5- day meals of breakfast and lunch. These meals are available and free to anyone 18 years and younger who might want a meal package. Pick-up times for these two sites will be Thursdays from 12-1 pm. This time and date could is subject to change so please listen for the weekly call placed by the school district. Our distribution sites will be open weekly until August 5th.

If your child is enrolled in Summer School or Energy Express, they will receive a free breakfast and free lunch each day they attend. When they are finished attending these sites, they may resume picking up meals at our distribution sites or for a day they might have missed during another feeding site. Thank you and have a great summer! If your child requires a special diet, please contact Lori Doolittle at 304-799-4505 ext. 2223.

Distribution Site at Marlinton Middle School (Open site for 18 and below) June 17th– August 5th    Distribution time is on Thursdays 12-1 pm

Distribution Site at Green Bank Elementary Middle School (Open site for 18 and below) June 17th – August 5th. Distribution time is on Thursdays from 12- 1pm.

Summer School (Enrolled Site) – June 8th – July 1st

Energy Express (Enrolled Site) – June 22nd – July 30th

For more information contact ……. Lori Doolittle, 304-799-4505 ext. 2223

Pocahontas County is an equal opportunity provider.