Little Levels Heritage Fair, Inc.

HC 64 Box 423

Hillsboro, WV 24946

Phone 304 653-8563

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To:     All Elementary, Middle School, High School and College Students


Subject:      Pearl S. Buck Student Writer’s Contest


The Little Levels Heritage Fair, through a generous contribution by Mr. Michael C. Porter invites students to enter the Pearl S. Buck Student Writer’s Contest.

We are changing the format this year.  Allegheny Echoes will conduct the Pearl S. Buck Writer’s Workshop within their event June 19 through June 24.  One student from either a junior or senior high school class and one college student may enter and apply for a full scholarship to attend the Allegheny Echoes & Pearl S. Buck Writer’s Workshop.  Poet Kirk Judd will conduct the classes along with other featured writers.  You must write

“SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANT” on the envelope when you mail your application.  The winner will be notified as soon as judging is completed.

All students may enter for the cash prize awards as follows:  1st. place  $50.00,  2nd. Place

$25.00 and 3rd. place $10.00.  Age and grade level will be considered.  All entries must comply with the following instructions in order to be judged:

The theme is “Writing Home”   All entries should be in the time frame of 1892 to 1973 when Pearl S. Buck lived.   All entries shall be in the form of a letter.  You may write as a person from another country who is visiting the Little Levels area and writing to someone in your home country, or you may write as someone from the Little Levels who is visiting another country such as China and comparing life there with life in the Little Levels during Pearl S. Buck’s life time.  Unlike many writing projects, we encourage you to involve family, neighbors and others in researching your story.

You must sign only your first name on the front of your letter.  On the back, lower right hand corner the following information must be included:  Full name, complete address, telephone number and e mail address if available.  List your grade level, school name and your age.  Place your completed letter in an envelope, address it to Little Levels Heritage Fair, HC 64 Box 423, Hillsboro, WV 24946.  Include your mailing address in

The upper left corner of the envelope, stamp it and mail it prior to April 15, 2011.

The judges will be professional writers.  Judges will see only your first name on the front of the page.  Letters should be only one page.  You may type or print legibly. Be descriptive enough that the reader can visualize the things that you are describing.

Winners are invited to read their letters at the Pearl S. Buck Birthday Celebration at 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, June 25, 2011.