March is National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month. Here are some suggestions on how you and your family can celebrate reading; one for each day of March!

Begin your family read-aloud book.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Celebrate by reading one of his books.

Do a word search or crossword puzzle.

Go to an author’s website and read it.

Play a word game like hangman.

Read a pop-up book today.

Read a magazine article and tell a friend something interesting you read.

Read a non-fiction book today.

Tell a story to a family member.

Cook something from reading the recipe.

Poetry slam! Read poetry books today.

Read something that came in the mail today.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Illustrate a book how you see it.

Write a letter to a family member who lives in another town.

Visit the public library.

Don’t forget to wear green! Read a book about St. Patrick’s Day.

Begin planning your outfit for Thursday.

Read a biography.

Read a book about spring!

Come to school dressed as your favorite book character.

Visit our school’s websites and read some of the links!

Read a book that has won an award.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Read a fairy tale that you’ve never heard or read before.

Set your TV so there is no sound and read the closed captions for at least 10 minutes.

Read a picture book before you leave for school.

Read the back of the box in your house.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Rearrange your bookshelf together.

Celebrate all of the ways you read this month.

Green Bank Students Love Reading with Puppies, Paperback and Popcorn Event

By: Miranda G. and Kaydence W., Student Reporters

There is nothing more fun than puppies, paperbacks, and popcorn. On October 9th, students in preschool through 2nd grade attended an afterschool reading event called Puppies, Paperbacks, and Popcorn. 

During the event, parents met in the library for a presentation about the importance of reading to their child. Students gathered in the preschool room for a read aloud activity. GBEMS librarian Mrs. Shinaberry, read four books to the children with the help of her puppet dog named Wallace. Each student received a stuffed puppy, two paperback books, and popcorn. The kids were very excited to get popcorn and a stuffed puppy. Preschooler, Cora Baldwin said, “I like getting the popcorn and puppy.” 1st grader, Ethan Jones agreed the “getting popcorn” was fun.

Puppies, Paperbacks, and Popcorn was an amazing event to encourage kids to read. The students want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Rittenhouse for making the event happen.