March is National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month. Here are some suggestions on how you and your family can celebrate reading; one for each day of March!

Begin your family read-aloud book.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Celebrate by reading one of his books.

Do a word search or crossword puzzle.

Go to an author’s website and read it.

Play a word game like hangman.

Read a pop-up book today.

Read a magazine article and tell a friend something interesting you read.

Read a non-fiction book today.

Tell a story to a family member.

Cook something from reading the recipe.

Poetry slam! Read poetry books today.

Read something that came in the mail today.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Illustrate a book how you see it.

Write a letter to a family member who lives in another town.

Visit the public library.

Don’t forget to wear green! Read a book about St. Patrick’s Day.

Begin planning your outfit for Thursday.

Read a biography.

Read a book about spring!

Come to school dressed as your favorite book character.

Visit our school’s websites and read some of the links!

Read a book that has won an award.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Read a fairy tale that you’ve never heard or read before.

Set your TV so there is no sound and read the closed captions for at least 10 minutes.

Read a picture book before you leave for school.

Read the back of the box in your house.

Don’t forget to read your family read-aloud book.

Rearrange your bookshelf together.

Celebrate all of the ways you read this month.