West Virginia History Comes Alive to GBEMS 8th Grade Students

By: Emily R., Student Reporter

The Green Bank Elementary-Middle School eighth grade went to West Virginia Wesleyan College to watch the Golden Horseshoe Musical on October 23, 2018. The Golden Horseshoe Musical is a play about the history of West Virginia but is told through the perspective of an eighth grader who is studying for the Golden Horseshoe test.

All eighth-grade students in West Virginia are given the opportunity to take the Golden Horsehoe Test which assesses students’ knowledge on West Virginia history.  The eighth grade went to see the musical because it is a visual representation of the material on the test and it will help them understand West Virginia history better.

Eighth-grader Madison Arbogast said the Golden Horseshoe Musical “inspired me to do better on the test.” Fellow classmate, Mason Solliday said the musical was “fun and educational.”

Students will continue to prepare for the Golden Horseshoe Test which they will take prior to the holiday break. 

Students Learn About Native Pollinators and Pollination

By Matthew C. and Willie O., Student Reporters

On October 10, 6th graders at GBEMS went to Marlinton Ranger Station where they learned about pollinators and pollination. Amy Lovell, an Ecologist with Monongahela National Forest, said the purpose of the trip was for 6th students to “learn about native pollinators and their role in a healthy, functioning ecosystem.”

Students did numerous activities to expand their understanding of pollination including working in the garden planting native plants to encourage pollinators to visit, collecting native seeds to make “seed bombs” and making butterfly feeders.

Green Bank Students Love Reading with Puppies, Paperback and Popcorn Event

By: Miranda G. and Kaydence W., Student Reporters

There is nothing more fun than puppies, paperbacks, and popcorn. On October 9th, students in preschool through 2nd grade attended an afterschool reading event called Puppies, Paperbacks, and Popcorn. 

During the event, parents met in the library for a presentation about the importance of reading to their child. Students gathered in the preschool room for a read aloud activity. GBEMS librarian Mrs. Shinaberry, read four books to the children with the help of her puppet dog named Wallace. Each student received a stuffed puppy, two paperback books, and popcorn. The kids were very excited to get popcorn and a stuffed puppy. Preschooler, Cora Baldwin said, “I like getting the popcorn and puppy.” 1st grader, Ethan Jones agreed the “getting popcorn” was fun.

Puppies, Paperbacks, and Popcorn was an amazing event to encourage kids to read. The students want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Rittenhouse for making the event happen.

GBEMS Students Experience History Firsthand

By: Melinda B. and Isabella B., Student Reporters

On October 5, 2018, the Green Bank Elementary-Middle school 8th-grade class went to Huntersville, WV to learn about Pocahontas County Civil War history. Mrs. Ryder, social studies teacher at GBEMS, organized the trip because it fits into what students are studying in WV state history. Also, it is local happening that students may not get to experience otherwise. When students arrived they learned how the soldiers lived during the war. The students also learned about the responsibilities that the women had during the Civil War. Not only did students learn a lot but they enjoyed the trip as well. Eighth-grade student Jesse Johnston said “I thought that the Civil War cemetery was really interesting because they showed us how to identify unmarked Civil War graves.” Fellow classmate Brycen Carroll said “I really like that the four Generals told us how they lived during the war.”

GBEMS Gets New Water Fountain. How Do Students Like It So Far?

By Kaydence W., Student Reporter

Today, I interviewed three elementary students about the new water fountain in the cafeteria to find out if they like the water fountain and to ask why they think they got it.

The first elementary student I asked was in the third-grade and I asked her, “Do you like the new water fountain?” She said she likes it, but she has not been able to fill her water bottle up in it yet.

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Yearbook Class Kicks Off at Green Bank

By: Emily R., Student Reporter

This year, Green Bank Elementary-Middle School is having a new yearbook class! Many students joined the yearbook class for the new school year. The class includes many fun activities like writing articles for the newspaper, The Pocahontas Times, and working on the 2018-2019 school yearbook. This is the first year Green Bank is having a yearbook class. Mrs. Baldwin, GBEMS English Language Arts teacher, has been putting the yearbook together for two years and this year she decided to let students take the lead. There is a combination of sixth-, seventh-, and eighthgrade students in this class. Students can’t wait to see what happens next.