Mr. Boothe (PE)

What we’ll be doing this week in Phys. Ed. 12-10-18

Middle School: 6,7,8

Basketball shooting challenges/team games

8th gr – Fitness Testing

Game room alternative (gym is taken for Christmas program)

8th health – Natural High (version 2), survey questions

7th health – Saying no to drugs (refusal skills)

5th Phys. Ed. – Basketball shooting challenges, spot shooting relays

4th Phys. Ed. – 4 square challenges, dribble tag, layup shooting challenges

3rd Phys. Ed. – Short jump rope skills, wall ball toss & catch challenges

2nd Phys. Ed. – Kicking stationary balls, toss & catch various balls

K – 1st Phys. Ed. – locomotor skills movement practice, running, two  feet, one foot, spot jumping, intro hopscotch, short/long jump rope challenges