Mrs. Tallman (Social Studies 3-5)

Weekly Overview 

April 15- 18 


We are completing a test on chapter 7 today. Tuesday students will begin a project on researching the states. They will complete a diorama using a plate or a paper bag to include key elements. 


Students were given the choice of three projects to complete before break. The choices included a plate diorama, paper bag hero report, or a sliding paper organizer. I encouraged students to choose a topic we have covered in class so far. These projects are being completed in class and due before break. 

3rd Grade 

Students have begun working on a state project. We spent Thursday and Friday researching information in the lab. Today we are taking the information we learned and using it to decorate a paper bag. Tuesday we will be presenting this information to the class. We will finish up the week with review before break.