Mrs. Shinaberry (Math 3-5)

Weekly Over View for February 11th, 2019 till February 15th, 2019

3rd grade: We will start working in module 4 “Area and Perimeter” There will be a weekly multiplication test on Wednesday’s.  This will be on the student’s assignment sheets as well as a reminder to review the time’s tables on a nightly basis.  A new student workbook will be sent home.

4th grade: We will continue to work in Module 5 which covers the addition and subtraction of fractions. We will be focusing on fractions with like denominators, how to make equivalent fractions, as well as ordering and comparing fractions.

5th grade:  We will finish Module 3 which covers “Addition and Subtraction of Fractions” We will be focusing on fractions with unlike denominators, making equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, as well as turning fractions into decimals. A test is planned for Friday, 2/15/19  this test will cover all of module 3.


4A Rotation:      Monday –Music

Tuesday– Library