Mrs. Murphy (Kindergarten)

Karen Murphy- Kindergarten KB April 15-18th 

Reading : Lesson 26 

Student book: “Fun, Fun, Fun”, “Bug and Cat” 

Essential question: “Why is it important to try hard?” 

Sight Words: do, went, just, down, little, only 

Real aloud/ practice listening skill 

Word building, blending words, segmenting words 

TARGET SKILL: conclusions 

ABC phonics song 

Review letter: Uu long and short 

Grammar: singular and plural nouns/ antonyms 

Show and Tell Friday 

MATH: Chapter 8 

Compare weight 

Describe length, height, weight 


Performance test 

Writing: Journal sentences: sentences using sight words 

ART: Easter art projects 

Thursday Easter Egg hunt-bring in 3 plastic eggs