Mrs. Taylor (2nd Grade)

Weekly Overview – April 15 – 18, 2019
Language Arts lessons for the week will continue to focus on the skill set presented for Unit 5: Lesson 21, ‘Penguin Chick,’ with assessments for this selection scheduled for April 16, 2019.  The skill overview sheet for the next selection, Lesson 23, ‘The Goat in the Rug,‘ will be sent home on April 16.  Math lessons for the week will focus on Module 8: Lessons 4 – 6. The skill for each lesson is as follows:     Lesson 4 – Use attributes to identify and draw different quadrilaterals     Lesson 5 – Relate the square to the cube, and describe the cube based on attributes     Lesson 6 – Combine shapes to create a composite shape; create a new shape from composite shapes