Mrs. Himelrick (1st Grade)

Our story this week is “Amazing Animals”.   We are working on r controlled vowels, spelled er, ir, ur.   We are working on using context and drawing conclusions.   We will not have a spelling test for this story.  Please make sure your child can read these words.

Spelling words:   her, fern, girl, sir, stir, bird, fur, hurt, turn, third, curl, first

Sight words:   baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, year, young

For math, we are finishing our shape unit and will be working on simple fractions.   Your child needs to be able to identify 1/2, 1/3, 1/4.   The half is sometimes referred to as a quarter.

Easter Egg Hunt and party will be on Thursday.  Please send in 5 plastic eggs with a prize of some type.   We will also be having a shared snack.

No school on Friday, April 19-April 28th.  Have a Happy Easter and spring break.