Pocahontas County 8th-Grade Students Take Over State Capitol

By: Mackenzie T. and Trenton B., Student Reporters

Pocahontas County 8th grade students took over the capitol on February 25 – 27, 2019 as part of the annual Youth & Government Seminars.

The Youth & Government Seminars bring 8th-grade students from all sections of West Virginia to the state capitol in Charleston to learn about “state government by observing it and interacting with its leaders” according to the program’s website.

Students did a variety of activities during the seminars including attending mock trails, attending night court and having dinner with the Legislature. GBEMS eighth-grader, Mason Solliday said, “we learned about how West Virginia’s government goes about creating laws.” Fellow classmate, Sara Maxwell said, “The whole trip was fun because we got to meet new people. I also really enjoy night court. I was glad I went.”