West Virginia History Comes Alive to GBEMS 8th Grade Students

By: Emily R., Student Reporter

The Green Bank Elementary-Middle School eighth grade went to West Virginia Wesleyan College to watch the Golden Horseshoe Musical on October 23, 2018. The Golden Horseshoe Musical is a play about the history of West Virginia but is told through the perspective of an eighth grader who is studying for the Golden Horseshoe test.

All eighth-grade students in West Virginia are given the opportunity to take the Golden Horsehoe Test which assesses students’ knowledge on West Virginia history.  The eighth grade went to see the musical because it is a visual representation of the material on the test and it will help them understand West Virginia history better.

Eighth-grader Madison Arbogast said the Golden Horseshoe Musical “inspired me to do better on the test.” Fellow classmate, Mason Solliday said the musical was “fun and educational.”

Students will continue to prepare for the Golden Horseshoe Test which they will take prior to the holiday break.