GBEMS Gets New Water Fountain. How Do Students Like It So Far?

By Kaydence W., Student Reporter

Today, I interviewed three elementary students about the new water fountain in the cafeteria to find out if they like the water fountain and to ask why they think they got it.

The first elementary student I asked was in the third-grade and I asked her, “Do you like the new water fountain?” She said she likes it, but she has not been able to fill her water bottle up in it yet.

Next, I asked a fourth-grade student, “How do you think other people like the water fountain?” She answered that she thinks other people like it a lot.

Lastly, I asked a fifth-grade student, “Why do you think they got the new water fountain?” She answered she thinks they got it so it would be easier to fill up your water bottle and thinks people will use it a lot.