Students Learn About Native Pollinators and Pollination

By Matthew C. and Willie O., Student Reporters

On October 10, 6th graders at GBEMS went to Marlinton Ranger Station where they learned about pollinators and pollination. Amy Lovell, an Ecologist with Monongahela National Forest, said the purpose of the trip was for 6th students to “learn about native pollinators and their role in a healthy, functioning ecosystem.”

Students did numerous activities to expand their understanding of pollination including working in the garden planting native plants to encourage pollinators to visit, collecting native seeds to make “seed bombs” and making butterfly feeders.

GBEMS Gets New Water Fountain. How Do Students Like It So Far?

By Kaydence W., Student Reporter

Today, I interviewed three elementary students about the new water fountain in the cafeteria to find out if they like the water fountain and to ask why they think they got it.

The first elementary student I asked was in the third-grade and I asked her, “Do you like the new water fountain?” She said she likes it, but she has not been able to fill her water bottle up in it yet.

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Yearbook Class Kicks Off at Green Bank

By: Emily R., Student Reporter

This year, Green Bank Elementary-Middle School is having a new yearbook class! Many students joined the yearbook class for the new school year. The class includes many fun activities like writing articles for the newspaper, The Pocahontas Times, and working on the 2018-2019 school yearbook. This is the first year Green Bank is having a yearbook class. Mrs. Baldwin, GBEMS English Language Arts teacher, has been putting the yearbook together for two years and this year she decided to let students take the lead. There is a combination of sixth-, seventh-, and eighthgrade students in this class. Students can’t wait to see what happens next.