File:  IFCD


Volunteer Service

The Board of Education recognizes that certain programs and activities can be enhanced through the use of volunteers who have particular knowledge or skills that will be helpful to members of the professional staff responsible for the conduct of those programs and activities.

The superintendent/principal shall be responsible for recruiting community volunteers, reviewing their capabilities and making appropriate placements.  The Superintendent shall not be obligated to make use of volunteers whose abilities are not in accord with the Board’s needs.  Volunteer services could include, but not limited to, assistance with library, office, classrooms and cafeteria duties.

I.                    The superintendent/principal is to inform each volunteer that s/he:

A.      is required to abide by all Board policies and County guidelines while on duty as a volunteer;

B.      will be covered under the County’s liability policy but the County cannot provide any 

type of health insurance to cover illness or accident incurred while service as a volunteer, nor is the person eligible for workers’ compensation. 


II.                  Selection and Screening

A.      Each staff member shall submit to the principal the name and address of each potential volunteer whose presence will involve contact with students.  The principal shall determine whether the volunteer’s name appears on the sexual offender registry list that has been supplied by the superintendent.  The principal shall notify the superintendent of any potential volunteer who is identified as a registered sex offender. The superintendent shall provide written notice to the offender that s/he may not be on school property without prior written authorization.  The superintendent shall also inform the principal and employees that the individual may not be used as a volunteer.  All volunteers must be approved by the principal.


B.      The superintendent shall develop a volunteer application form that includes mandatory reporting of prior arrests or convictions of any offense that involves misconduct toward a minor.  Any person who fails or refuses to complete this portion of the volunteer application form shall not be permitted to serve as a volunteer. 


C.      A sex offender registrant who is the parent or guardian of a student, shall be permitted to participate or volunteer in appropriate parent or guardian activities, unless prohibited by court order.  However, the superintendent may direct that appropriate measures be taken to lessen the risk of the unsupervised presence of registered sex offenders in schools or school sponsored activities.  Alternative arrangements may be made for bus and walking routes to and from school, recess and physical education periods, or any other activity in order to protect students. 


D.      The superintendent/principal shall inform all volunteers who work or apply to work unsupervised with children on a regular basis of the need to display appropriate behavior at all times, and that they will have to provide a set of fingerprints so that a criminal records check can be conducted and that they have to pay the costs associated with the criminal records check either before they can begin their duties, or as a condition of continued service as a volunteer at the discretion of the Board. 


E.       If a criminal records check indicates that a volunteer has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a crime, or if criminal convictions are disclosed on the volunteer application form, the superintendent, in his/her sole discretion, may determine that the presence of the volunteer in the schools would present an unreasonable risk to the safety and welfare of students.  In such case, the volunteer will be informed that she/he may not serve as a volunteer.  If a volunteer engages in behavior in violation of policies, written or oral instructions by school personnel, or engages in any behavior that is adverse to student safety and welfare, or which has the potential to adversely affect student safety or welfare, the Superintendent, in his/her sole discretion, may determine to discontinue service by the volunteer

III.  Limitations

A.      Volunteers shall not be responsible for direct supervision of students.

B.      Volunteers shall not receive monetary compensation for their services.

C.      Volunteers shall be under the direct or indirect supervision of school personnel.

D.    Volunteers must abide by the same confidentiality provisions of school personnel and shall be so instructed and trained if necessary.

Adopted:  December, 1984

Revised:  December 12, 2011