1.1       Scope. — Assistance to Veterans for purpose of providing musicians sound Taps at military funerals.

1.2       Authority. — West Virginia Code, §18-2E-8e. Veteran’s honors funeral assistant community service program;

  1. Va. 126CSR42, West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2510, Assuring the quality of Education:

Regulations for Education Programs, § 126-42-6.4.4, § 126-42-5.18; and W. Va. 126CSR44J, West Virginia Board of Education

Policy 2520.10, Music Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools, standard 1 and standard 4.

1.3       Filing Date – __________

1.4       Effective Date – ___________



2.1       This legislative rule applies to all Pocahontas County schools grades 6-12

[Note: This could be amended to apply to your county specifically.]


3.1       The Pocahontas County Board of Education recognizes the need to facilitate collaboration that will encourage capable young people to assist with the sounding of Taps at military funerals honoring our veterans and, thereby, help them to develop a better understanding of the sacrifices, a respect for the commitment and an appreciation of the privileges that the men and women of the armed services have protected through their service.

[This is taken verbatim from state code.]

3.2       The purpose of this county policy is to increase the number of buglers qualified to sound Taps at military honors funerals of deceased veterans, and to develop programs for qualified student volunteers to participate as buglers.

Veteran’s Honors Funeral Assistant Community Service Program

4.1      Creating a Registry of Qualified Students


4.1.1    The school’s band director/music teacher shall create a registry of students.

4.1.2    The registry shall include:

 Student’s full name and phone number;

 School name and phone number;

             Band director/music teacher; School principal.

4.1.3    The registry shall be kept on file in participating schools and in county board office.

 4.1.4    The registry shall be made available upon request to the funeral directors and established veterans’ organizations.

4.2     After providing the appropriate musical training, information on the  

         historical significance, and protocol necessary to ensure the integrity of the

         sounding of Taps, the band director/music teacher shall determine students

         eligible for the registry.

4.3     Credit.

4.3.1 The sounding of Taps shall be a co-curricular activity.

4.3.2 Participation in the sounding of Taps may be credited towards work-based learning or community service.

4.3.3 Students are responsible for verifying that credit is recorded with the appropriate designated person in their school responsible for Community Service/Work-based Learning Credit.

4.4    Absences incurred through participation in the sounding of Taps shall be

         considered an excused absence as a school

         approved co-curricular/extra­curricular activity. (WVEJS Code X- 1)


 Responsibility for Implementation.


5.1       County shall distribute the Veteran’s Honors Funeral Assistant Community Service Program Policy to all 6-12 schools.

5.2       County shall create a technical support reference file to assist in implementing this policy. A copy of the file shall be kept in the county office as well as in participating schools. The technical support file may include, but is not limited to, the following:

The WV Department of Education Arts Coordinator Nationally recognized veterans’ organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars,

American Legion, Marine Corps, WV Division of Veterans Affairs. Bugles Across America , Other Community service organizations that have appropriate information on proper military protocol.

          5.3       Liability

5.3.1     Student participation in the “Veterans Honors Funeral Assistant Community Service Program” is voluntary.

5.3.2    The sounding of Taps for veterans’ funerals is not a school-sponsored event; however is considered a community service, for which school credit may be awarded.

5.3.3    Parent/guardian permission must be obtained in writing for each occurrence in accordance with county board policy.

5.3.4    A parent/guardian or student must be responsible for transportation and this information must be a part of the permission for

5.3.5    The school or the county may not reimburse expenses nor provide an honorarium.  5.3.6     In accordance with W. Va. Code § 1 8-2E-8e(d)(3), the Pocahontas County Board is not liable for student supervision while absent to participate in the sounding of Taps for veterans’ funerals.


            5.4            Incentive.

5.4.1    Participating schools may consider the following incentives:

             Presentation of certificates, medals, pins, or other appropriate awards symbols; Honorarium awarded by agencies other than the school or the Pocahontas County Schools; Public recognition at awards assemblies.

  1. Severability.

6.1       If any provision of this policy or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of this policy.