File: GBRK


The following vacation policy will be utilized in Pocahontas County as applied to all eligible employees, effective July 1, 2005:


a. Eligible employees are full time twelve month personnel (those employed to work for 261 days).


b. Years of employment will include all years employed by any Board of Education or institution of higher learning in the State of West Virginia.


c. Annual vacation time for twelve month personnel shall be as follows:


00 – 01 –  05 days vacation

01 – 07 –  10 days vacation

08 – 15 –  15 days vacation

16 & up -20 days vacation


d. Vacation requests shall be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor and then submitted to the superintendent for approval.


e. A total often (10) vacation days earned may be carried over into another fiscal year.


f lf for any reason you leave the system (resign, retire, terminate, etc.), the Board will only reimburse for up to ten (10) unused earned vacation days.


g. In case a twelve-month employee retires or resigns during the school year, his/her vacation days for that current year shall be prorated.


h. Only two consecutive weeks can be taken at any given time and the request must be made two weeks in advance.


1. If a number of employees request vacation at the same given time, then request will be honored based upon seniority.


j. No inclement weather days will be given to 261-day employees.


Adopted: March, 2005