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Pocahontas County High School “Testing Out” Criteria


According to the provisions of Senate Bill 300, students must be given the opportunity to test out of

classes and to receive credit for those classes. The local education institution is responsible for

developing the policy which outlines the procedures to be followed when a student chooses to test out of a



In order to test out of a class at Pocahontas County High School, the student must:


  1. Score at or above the 70 th percentile in the subject area he/she wishes to test out of on

the most recent Stanford Achievement Test. For English classes, the student must score

at or above the 70th percentile on both the total reading and total language sections. If a

student chooses to test out of a subject that is not on the Stanford Achievement Test,

he/she must have a total basic skills score at or above the 70 th percentile.

2.  Submit a written request to the principal indicating desire to test out of a class(es). This

request must be made prior to enrollment in the class(es).

3.  Take a comprehensive examination designed by the department(s) in which the class(es)

is/are taught. This comprehensive examination will be designed to test the student’s

knowledge of the course content as outlined in the goals and objectives for the class(es).


The goals and objectives for the core curriculum are established by the State Department

of Education and the goals and objectives for elective courses are established by the

Board of Education.


Note: Introduction to the Career Majors is a two-section course consisting of

keyboarding and a content component. Students will be tested

separately on each of these two components and must pass both to

receive credit. Both tests must be taken on the same test date.


These must be taken prior to the second semester of the

sophomore year.

  1. Take the comprehensive examination at the time designated by the principal and/or


2.  Score 70% accuracy or above on the comprehensive examination. If student score is

below 70%, he/she must take the class. Students will be given one opportunity to test out

of a particular class(es).

3.  The score earned on the comprehensive examination will be recorded as the numerical

grade for the class whenever the score is 70% or above. Students/Parents must decide

within one week from the time the test is administered whether they wish to have the test

score recorded as the final grade for that class on the transcript.

4. A course syllabus will be provided for test preparation. Any other materials will be

provided at the discretion of the instructor/department responsible for teaching that

course. All study materials must be returned prior to the administration of the



Adopted: August, 1997

Revised: July, 1999

Pocahontas County Board of Education