File: GCC-C


·         The Substitute Service Personnel List will be revised as needed when individuals meet state/county requirements and are approved by the Board of Education.


·         Substitutes are expected to work more than 50% of the time when contact has been made. Substitutes who refuse to work more than 50% of those times when contact has been made during any fiscal year will have their names submitted to the Board of Education with a recommendation for removal from the substitute list. Records of availability of substitutes will be determined on a countywide basis.


·         All substitutes will be required to attend mandatory Board of Education training programs in order to maintain active employment.


·         All substitutes will be evaluated annually in order to be recommended for reemployment.

·         Substitutes will be required to serve all schools countywide.


·         All substitutes must maintain a correct phone number with the Pocahontas County Board of Education. Substitutes who do not will be removed from the Substitute Service Personnel List.


·         Substitute service employees who have worked thirty consecutive days for a school system shall have all rights pertaining to suspension, dismissal and contract renewal as is granted to regular service personnel through 18A-2-6, 18A-2-7, 18A-2-8 and 18A-2-8a.


Adopted: September, 1991

Revised: August 9, 2004