File: GAHB





The individual and personal rights and freedoms of Pocahontas County Board of Education employees are no less than other citizens. It is hoped that all employees will assume the full responsibilities of citizens living in a democracy. These include such citizen rights as voting or refraining from voting; discussing the social, political and economic issues of the day in public meetings; participating actively in the political party of their choice by attending party functions, contributing to the support of the party, campaigning in the community for its candidates, serving as an official in the party, and subject to number 3 below, becoming a candidate for public office and holding such office if elected or appointed. The political activity of a staff member, however, must not compromise his professional integrity. He must not misuse his school position to pervert the academic process in the interests of his own political ambitions or those of a political group.


A school employee shall, in summary, be free to act as he desires in the discharge of his political responsibilities unless it can be shown that his behavior is affecting his professional performance in a demonstrably deleterious manner or in a violation of School Board policies and regulations.


In order to implement the above policy it is necessary that:


1. School employees engaging in political activity shall make it clear that their works and actions are theirs as individuals and that they do not represent the views of the Pocahontas County Board of Education.


2. School staff members shall not engage in political party campaign activities on school premises during school hours. Regulations for the use of school buildings or grounds are the same for teachers as they are for the other citizens of the district.


3.A staff member seeking an extended leave of absence for campaigning, holding office, or other time consuming responsibilities connected with government, shall apply in writing for such leave well in advance of the activity. Leave for political activity may vary widely in time required due to varying types of political activity, consequently each shall he treated on an individual basis.


Adopted: April, 1976