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County Professional Staff Development Council


Schools exist to facilitate student learning. Ongoing professional staff development for all personnel is


essential to enhancing improved teaching and student learning. Professional staff development should


The county board of education shall schedule annually at least three non-instructional days of staff


development for professional staff. At least two of the three days or their equivalent, must be


scheduled prior to January 1. Exceptions to the schedule and/or staff development content, may be


granted for innovative programs and/or delivery upon the written request of the county superintendent


The county board of education hereby establishes a professional staff development council and shall


The county board of education will make available an amount at least equal to one tenth of one percent


of the amount provided in accordance with W. Va. Code § 18-9-4 and credit such funds to an account to


be used by the professional staff development council to fulfill its objectives. The council shall prepare


for review and approval by the county board of education an annual budget that details all expenses and


revenues including staff support. Any funds remaining in this account at the end of the fiscal year shall


remain in this account and be used solely for staff development. The county board of education will


have final approval for all disbursements. This does not preclude the use of other funding sources for


At the first professional staff development council meeting following the county board of education’s


approval of its annual budget, the county superintendent or his/her designee shall provide the


professional staff development council with the funding computation provided above in this policy.


In order to meet the growing demands of school, county, state and national priorities, the county will


seek ways to provide additional opportunities for staff development above and beyond the minimal


number of eighteen clock hours. Some strategies include, but are not limited to, the following: the use


of banked time, extending the school calendar, seeking grant funding sources to cover costs of


The county board of education and county professional staff development council shall incorporate the


following components and governing principles of operation in their county staff development policy.


A. The process of planning school and/or county staff development initiatives to promote


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