In accordance with State Board Policy 3234, the Pocahontas County Board of

Education establishes this policy that provides for the adoption of the annual school

calendar, as well as the recovery of instructional time lost to late arrivals and early

dismissals and a plan to guarantee 180 separate days of instruction for students.


I.   The Pocahontas County Board of Education issues the following procedure in the

school calendar adoption process:


  • Annually, the superintendent of schools/or designee will to obtain training on the

school calendar adoption procedures.

  • The superintendent/designee will then train principals and/or their designees on

the calendar adoption process.

  • The superintendent/designee will establish a county committee of the following

members: the current Teacher of the Year, the current Service Employee of the

Year, one principal, one parent from the Hillsboro/Marlinton area, one parent

from the Green Bank/Dunmore area, the county WVEA president/or designee,

the county AFT president/or designee, the WVSSPA president/or designee, and

faculty senate presidents from any school not already represented on this

committee. Each school must be represented on the committee.

  • The committee will meet and discuss the current calendar and make suggestions

as to its effectiveness and to what may need addressed with the upcoming

calendar. They will also discuss the two public meetings and determine dates

and locations for each.

  • The superintendent/designee will provide a Class II legal advertisement in the

local newspaper at least 10 days prior to the first of two required public meetings

for the purpose of announcing the dates and locations for those public meetings.

  • Two public meetings will be held—one in the Green Bank/Dunmore area and one

in the Hillsboro/Marlinton area. Both meetings must be attended by a quorum of

board of education members.

  • The county website will have a survey posted to allow comments from parents,

students, employees, and other county citizens concerning the calendar.

  • The county calendar committee will meet to discuss the results obtained from

both the public meetings and survey.

  • The county committee will develop three (3) calendars to put out for vote by

school employees. The calendar choices will also include a summary of each

calendar and a list of days that will be used to make up canceled days of


  • The superintendent/designee will forward the three calendar choices to the

WVDE for prior approval to guarantee that the calendar that is selected will be

approved by the state department of education.

  • The county committee will meet to canvas the voting results and make a

recommendation to the board of education for approval.

  • The board of education will then forward the approved calendar to the WVDE for

state approval prior to May 1.

  • The calendar will be published in the local newspaper along with a summary that

explains the calendar, as well as a list of make-up days that will be used for

canceled days of instruction.


II.  The schools of the Pocahontas County School System provide additional

minutes of instruction above and beyond the requirements of the state law for

each grade level. These minutes, called accrued minutes, will be used to

compensate for the loss of instructional time that has occurred due to either late

arrivals or early dismissal of students due to weather-related issues or other

emergency situations. These accrued minutes may NOT be used to compensate

for entire days of instruction.


III. The adopted school calendar shall include, as an attachment, the days that will

be used to make up canceled days of instruction. Any day that is not included on

this list of make-up days are considered “protected” days and cannot be used for

making up lost instructional days. All out-of-calendar days through June 30 may

be used for this same purpose, other than June 20 which is a holiday.


Adopted: July 28, 2014