Return-To-Work Policy

The Pocahontas County Board of Education is committed to the health and safety of every employee. Part of this commitment is returning our employees to modified or alternative work as soon as possible immediately following a work related injury. Under the direction of a qualified approved physician, our objective is to reduce time away from work and assist our employees with achieving a full recovery.


The following guidelines accomplish this commitment:


1) If your treating physician determines you are unable to perform your regular job duties, you must inform the physician that the Pocahontas County Board of Education is able to offer modified duty work within the restrictions provided by the physician. The Return to Work Packet forms must be taken to the physician (if at all possible) and the forms must be completed by the physician. You must contact the Pocahontas County Board of Education within 24 hours after being given restrictions from your physician. You must also provide the physician’s name and phone number.


2) Once it has been determined a modified / alternative job is available, a Pocahontas County Board of Education representative and the Brickstreet Claim Adjuster and/or Return to Work Specialist will contact you via telephone with the starting date and time you are to report to work. It is your responsibility to alert your Brick Street claims adjuster if only part-time work is available so that eligibility for partial benefits can be reviewed.


3) It is your responsibility to report to your direct supervisor and the Pocahontas County Board of Education Central Office if there are job duties you feel you cannot perform while working modified duty. Pocahontas County Board of Education representative will discuss this with your physician and Brickstreet’s Return-to-Work Specialist. An external field case manager may be assigned to your claim if successful return to work is not possible.


4) You must be seen by the treating physician every thirty (30) days in order to determine the medical recommendations that will assist you in achieving your full duty capacity.


Your safe return to work is our first priority. If there are any problems or concerns about modified job duties, please let us know immediately. Your claims adjuster at Brick Street also may be contacted at 304.941.1000 to discuss issues related to return to work.

Adopted: 8-12-13