Personnel/Administrative Responsibilities

Mr. Terrence Beam, Superintendent 304-799-4505 extension 2260
Mrs. Kristin Kinnison, Executive Secretary   304-799-4505 extension 2227
  • Administration, Legal Issues, Secretary to the Board, Technology, Personnel, Certification, Student Discipline, Snow Watch, Curriculum Development, Discipline, Five-Year Strategic Plan, Mentorships Grant-Teacher/Principal
Mrs. Sherry Radcliff, Treasurer/Director of Finance  304-799-4505 extension 2225
Mrs. Melissa Ervine, Secretary  304-799-4505 extension 2226
Mrs. Cora Carpenter, Secretary 304-799-4505 extension 2230
  • Treasurer, Modernization Grant, Asbestos Management, Custodial, Transportation, Snow Watch, School Building Authority, Fire Marshal, Five-Year Strategic Plan
Mr. Terrence Beam, Director of Federal Programs and Instruction/Associate Superintendent  304-799-4505 extension 2223
Mrs. Stephanie Barkley, Secretary 304-799-4505 extension 2222
  • Federal Programs, Five-Year Strategic Plan, Teacher of the Year, Grant Writing, etc., Textbooks, Testing, Curriculum Development, Professional Development, School Calendar
Mrs. Ruth Bland, Director of Special Education/Student Services/Technology Coordinator/Transportation Director 304-799-4505 extension 2224
Mrs. Lisa Dennison, Coordinator of Child Nutrition and Food Services and Technology Integration Specialist. 304-799-4505 extension 2370
Mrs. Jennifer Miller Barlow, Secretary 304-799-4505 extension 2221
  • Food Services, Special Education, Preschool, USDA Deliveries and Pest Control, Home School, Homebound, Family Resource Network, School Nurse, Energy Express
Mr. Gary Beverage -Technology Support Specialist 304-799-6565 extension 5261
Ms. Nancy Martin - Technology Support Assistant 304-799-6565 extension 5261
Mr. Ian Bennett - Bus Mechanic

Mr. Justin Taylor - Bus Mechanic

Bus Drivers

Mr. Ronald G. Hall -Attendance Director/Safe Schools/Maintenance
304-799-4505 extension 2244
Mr. Darin McKenney Maintenance 304-799-4505 extension 2232
Mr.  John Evans