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Grading System for Pocahontas County Schools


  1. All Pocahontas County elementary and middle schools will abide by the following grading scale, if

numerical grades are assigned. State-approved proficiency scales may be used in the lower

elementary grade levels that may include preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

A 93-100

B 85-92

C 75-82

D 65-74

F 0-64


  1. Pocahontas County High School Grading and Reporting System


Course grades will be a product of all work completed and scored during the course.

A school-wide progress report will be generated at the conclusion of the first nine weeks of each term.

Progress reports will be sent home as needed to the students.

At the conclusion of the second week of each grading period, all freshmen who are failing a class will

have a letter of concern mailed to parents by the counseling department.


Grading Scale and Quality Points


The grading scale set forth must be used for any course taken for high school credit, regardless of the

grade level of the student at the time the course is taken.


Non-weighted course grading scale:

Average Grade Quality Points

93-100 A 4.0

85-92 B 3.0

75-84 C 2.0

65-74 D 1.0

0-64 F 0

Weighted Grades:

Pocahontas County High School will issue weighted grades for Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced

Career Courses, and International Baccalaureate courses. It will also have the discretionary authority to

issue weighted grades for other advanced high school courses.


Weighted course grading scale:

Average Grade Quality Points

93-100 A 5.0

85-92 B 4.0

75-84 C 3.0

65-74 D 2.0

0-64 F 0


Severability: If any provision of this rule or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held

invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of this rule.


Approved: April, 1976

Revised: July, 1998

Revised: April 7, 2014