File: DJD


Travel reimbursement on privately owned vehicles will be made for mileage allowances at the standard mileage rate as set by the Federal government.

Detailed itemization on places visited and reasons must be shown. Mileage charged shall be that shown on the following table or an employee may record actual odometer reading for distances not shown on the table:

Distance Table from Central Office

Green Bank Elementary-Middle School 27 miles
Hillsboro Elementary School 10 miles
Marlinton Middle School 3 miles
Pocahontas County High School 15 miles


In-county travel reimbursement will be made for miles traveled one way only when an employee’s normal work schedule calls for him/her to begin his/her day at one site and end it at another. When an employee’s normal work schedule causes him/her to return to his/her home school within the work day, he/she will be reimbursed for the round trip. Reimbursement for travel expense for commuting purposes is not permitted. Prior authorization must be secured for out-of-county trips. The “Request for Travel Authorization” should be submitted to the Central Office for approval by the superintendent at least ten days prior to departure.

All persons traveling on county business will be reimbursed in an amount equal to their actual motel bill (excluding personal items). A RECEIPT for the amount paid for motel room must be submitted with the expense account.

Reimbursement for meals will be made for costs incurred while out of Pocahontas County for more than one day to a maximum of $25.00 per day. Cost of each meal is to be shown separately with receipts required. (Only meals for regional and state conferences may be reimbursed for in-county travel.) On an overnight trip, meal costs will be allowed on both the day the employee leaves home and on the day he/she returns to the extent that his/her leaving and arrival time includes such times as is normally utilized for a particular meal.

No tips will be reimbursed. Tolls and parking are reimbursable expenses with receipts required.

Registration fees are to be paid by the attendee and reimbursement prior to the meeting will not be considered.

Professional employees who attend workshops, trainings, conferences, or accept summer employment may be paid a stipend of $20.00 per hour not to exceed $150.00 per day. Service personnel who attend workshops, trainings, conferences, or accept summer employment will be paid a stipend of $12.00 per hour not to exceed $90.00 per day. All travel expenses must be approved by the county superintendent of schools at least 20 days before the activity is held. In no cases will daily rate of pay be approved for any reimbursement. All travel requests must be directly related to the job assignment of the person requesting reimbursement.

Adopted: April, 1976

Revised: November, 2010