File: FJ

Energy Plan for Pocahontas County Schools


The Pocahontas County Board of Education will adhere to the following procedures to ensure maximum energy efficiency.


  1. Conduct in-depth energy cost studies. Use consultants when and where neces­sary to review and implement energy savings programs.
  2. Provide an energy reduction program for each building once a year.
  3. Review energy costs annually
  4. Involve building maintenance people, staff and students in energy reduction programs. Provide data or actual savings or results of energy conservation programs. Share results data with staff and students in an imaginative manner.
  5. Suggested building temperatures
    1. gymnasium – 65°F
    2. classroom and other occupied areas – 68°F
    3. unoccupied areas, storerooms, etc. – 55°F
    4. shops – 65°F
    5. restrooms and corridors – 65°F
    6. overnight – 50°F
    7. weekends and all other periods of nonuse-50
  6. Electrical systems
    1. Turn lights off when a room is unoccupied.
    2. Use watt saving lights and equipment.
    3. Clean light fixtures and walls regularly
  7. Plumbing systems
    1. Reduce temperature of general-use hot water to a maximum of 130°F.
    2. Repair all leaking faucets.
    3. Control discharge of water from shower heads to a maximum of 3 G.P.M.
    4. Continue preventative maintenance on all plumbing installations.

Adopted: April, 1984