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  1. General Statement


The Pocahontas County Board of Education recognizes that the primary purpose of public school facilities is to provide a sound educational program for its students. It is the policy of this Board to grant first priority to school activities involving students during both day and evening schedules. After the needs of students are fully met, the allied school groups are given first consideration. This includes activities involving teachers, parents, youth organizations, and any extracurricular activities.


The Board also recognizes the capital investment in public school facilities, which are mainly supported through the local citizens in the school district. The Board, therefore, believes that school facilities should be used for legitimate community purposes. Requests for use of facilities must comply with the provisions of West Virginia Code 18—5—19 which specifically prohibits the private use of school facilities for personal gain or profit.


  1. Application for Use


Any individual(s) or organization(s) desiring to use school facilities or grounds shall fully complete the “Building Request Form” for use of school property. The completed application is to be submitted to the principal of the school. The principal in turn will provide his/her approval/disapproval and forward the application to the Superintendent. The Superintendent/designee will approve/disapprove the application. All school facilities are closed for public use from July 15 through to the beginning of the new school year.


III.        Regulations for Use


  1. The person signing this request is responsible for any damages to the facility used and is responsible for the behavior of the group that he/she represents. Failure to comply with current Pocahontas County Board of Education policy in this regard will result in forfeiture of the permit to use the facility.


  1. The requesting group will assume responsibility for cleaning and straightening all areas that were used including bathrooms. If the cleaning is not satisfactory, the requesting group will be assessed a custodial fee and/or lose their privilege to fuse the school, or


The requesting group has agreed to payment of all custodial time required to open, prepare, clean and secure the facilities. The custodian will remain at the school during the activity. (Rate of pay is determined by employee’s pay schedule as established by State Minimum Salary Schedule.)


  1. Kitchen facilities are available only under the supervision of an assigned cafeteria manager/cook with payment for all time required for assisting the activity.


  1. No activity by an outside organization shall be held in a school building without first obtaining a request form in the principal’s office for approval by the principal and superintendent/designee.


  1. Smoking, alcohol and/or illicit drugs are prohibited on all property.


  1. Only that part of the school building mentioned in the request form is to be used.


  1. All laws, local ordinances and rules of the Police and Fire De­partments regarding public assemblies shall be strictly complied with.


  1. All meetings, entertainments, dances, et cetera, must close no later than 12:00 midnight and the responsible person must see that the building is closed promptly.


  1. The principal shall have the right to deny the use of buildings or grounds when a conflict occurs with scheduled school activities or when it is found that organizations or individuals have previously violated any of the conditions or agreements of the permit or lease.


  1. The designated responsible person shall be present at all times to look after the Board’s property and to see that the regulations are obeyed.


  1. The number of tickets sold must not exceed the seating capacity for which lease is granted.


  1. The Board reserves the right to overrule and revoke any contract that it deems not in keeping with its policies.


  1. The Board further reserves the right to issue special permits and make special dispensation in cases it feels are entitled to such disposal.


  1. Facilities are not to be used for profit or any individual gain other than non—profit organizations.


  1. The sponsoring group will be responsible for bringing all items they need for their activity Any school equipment that is to be used must have the principal s prior approval. It is the responsibility of the group to set up or take down any equipment and return the area to its original condition.


  1. It is understood that in all cases the regular school activities or organizations                     of the school shall have preference as to the use of the building.


  1. Community Use of Facilities


No fee will be charged to the following activities:


1)     For entertainments, exhibitions, contests, inter—school games and other activities promoted by and for the benefit of the public schools.

2)     Parent—Teacher Organization meetings.

3)     Youth organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4—H Clubs, Little League, Midget Football and other semi—educational organizations.

4)     County educational organizations.

5)     Adult and community education.

6)     Governmental groups.

7)     Civic groups/service groups meetings (does not include recreational).

8)     Business Partners of the school.


All other organizations are subject to prescribed fees.


Fund Raising


Any person or group using a facility for a fund raising activity and for which there is an admission charge will be charged for use of the facility. Fees may be waived if the proceeds are used for furthering activities of the school. Use of facilities for personal profit or gain is prohibited.


  1. Responsibility for Damages


The individual signing, the “Building Request Form” as the responsible person will be held personally liable for any damages or extra cleanup.


  1. Fee Structure


The use of facilities is subject to charges for the purpose of reimbursing the Board for overhead costs (i.e., electricity, heat, etc.) and any other expenses incurred for the cleanup and maintenance of the area.


The Pocahontas County Board of Education will adjust the fee structure from time to time as needed.




Adopted: April 1976

Revised: October 1993