Enrollment in Another Zone

Parents of children living in one school zone who desire to enroll their children in a school outside their zone may do so, provided there is room at said school, and the permission of the school principal and the county superintendent is obtained.

Each school is assigned to students residing within a defined attendance area.

Principals will maintain a detailed description of the school’s geographic boundaries. A copy of each school’s boundaries will be maintained in the county administration office.

Principals will verify addresses of students enrolling to ensure that all students live within the school’s assigned boundaries.

The Pocahontas County Board of Education encourages the administration to facilitate voluntary out of school attendance area transfer requests when appropriate in accordance with the provisions of this policy. No transfers will be approved if the request leads to the need for additional staff

Parents may request that a child be transferred to a school outside the assigned attendance area. This request must be submitted in writing to the principals of each school involved. If permission is granted, it will be for the current school year. It will be necessary for parents to make such requests on a yearly basis. School bus transportation is not provided for students attending school outside their attendance area unless existing bus routes, which conform to the receiving school’s schedule, can accommodate the students.

If a request is received to attend a school outside the assigned attendance area, the sending and receiving principals will confer and the principal of the requested school is to notify the parents in writing of the decision. A copy of the letter to parents will be sent to the other principal and superintendent. The receiving principal determines the availability of space and through consultation with the child’s present school considers a student’s past conduct, attendance re4rd, and other information to determine whether to approve or deny a request.

Special consideration and priority status may be assigned to students whose needs cannot be met at the home school and students wishing to transfer from schools with a Title I improvement status.

Students who do choose to transfer to a school who does not hold a Title I improvement status will have transportation provided for them at no cost.  The students will have a choice between two schools if the options exist.

Students who are Pocahontas County residents will be of the highest priority followed by other West Virginia Students. Out-of-state residents may enroll if space is available, but they must pay the average per pupil cost of educating Pocahontas County students, plus any additional related costs if the student has special needs.





Availability of Space - Elementary

Space available in the elementary school classrooms is defined as fewer than 20 students in kindergarten, fewer than 23 in grades 1 through 3, fewer than 25 in grades 4 through 6.


Availability of Space — Special Education

Availability of Space — Secondary

Space available in the secondary schools is defined as having an average class size of 25 or less in all core classes. Core classes are defined as Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


Space available in special education programs in the receiving school is defined as no more than 75% of the teacher/therapist caseload for that exceptionality as defined by West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2419, Regulations for the Education of Students With Exceptionalities.



The school principal may rescind approved transfers if the student develops significant problems with regard to behavior or attendance or if in-district enrollment pushes class size beyond the maximum allowed by law.

Adopted:          April 1976

Revised:    March. 2003



Pocahontas County Schools

(Fill out a separate application for each child)



School: _________________________________________

Student’s name: ______________________________________________ Grade: ______

Parent’s name:_____________________________________________________________



Telephone Number                  (Home) ________________  (Work) _______________

My child participates in the free/reduced meals program:            _____Yes _____No

Parent’s Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date___________

Important Information:


•     Your child will be assigned to a school based on school zones and available space.

•     Pocahontas County Schools will provide transportation.

•     This application will be forwarded to the principal of the receiving school. 

•     If your child is not enrolled in the receiving school by September 10, 20xx, he/she cannot participate in interscholastic activities such as band, athletics, and

            cheerleading. (This is a state regulation.)
           • Your child is allowed to remain in the receiving school until he/she completes the
                ninth grade. However, the school district is not required to provide transportation
                if________________________________________________ improves to the point
                    where it is no longer on school improvement.

• Students who participate in the free/reduced meals program will be eligible for after school supplemental tutoring services in reading and mathematics if they remain  in_____________________________________

Please return the completed application by June 30, 20XX to:


Pocahontas County Schools

926 Fifth Avenue

Marlinton, West Virginia 24954

Public School Choice Transfer Application

School _______________________________________

(For Office Use Only)



Student’s name __________________________ Student’s number­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________

SAT 9 Scores (Percentiles):

Total Basic Skills                     ____________

Total Reading                          ____________

Total Math                                ____________

Participates in Free/Reduced Meals Program: ­­  _____Yes  _____No

Student has an IEP:                                               _____Yes  _____No

If yes, in what area(s) __________________________________________

Student has a 504 plan:                                           _____Yes  _____No

Student qualifies for LEP status:                            _____Yes  _____No

School assigned: ___________________________________________Date: ___________

Comments (optional):

Certified, Return Receipt

Dear (Name):

As you will recall, you requested that your child,                 __________             be assigned to a school in a district other than, _______________________________________________

Based on space availability, your child has been assigned to:


Although the principal of the receiving school has been informed of your decision, you have the responsibility of enrolling your child at this school. Please take this letter to the receiving school as soon as possible to enroll your child.

Transportation information will be mailed to you at a later date. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding transportation,, you may contact the Assistant Superintendent for Operations at 799-4505

In closing, we wish your child a successful year, and we thank you for your consideration in this. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.





Director of Special Projects