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• To provide a vehicle through which student opinions and concerns can be expressed to the Board of Education.
• To provide the students at Pocahontas County High School with a real life example of representative democracy in action.
• To encourage in the young that habit of civic participation which is so essential to the preservation of our American system of government.


• To sit with the Board in its meetings, participating in discussion but not voting; however, the student representative will not participate in executive sessions nor take part in personnel decisions.
• To inform the students at Pocahontas County High School of the Board's deliberations and actions through regular reports to the student body at large and to the Student Council.
• To meet with the Student Council periodically to discuss with them issues of concern to Pocahontas County High School students.
• To bring concerns of the students to the attention of the Board. The student should have discussed these concerns with the principal prior to bringing the item to the Board.

Term of Office:

The student representative will be selected in a school-wide election to be held prior to the end of school for a one-year term to commence with the beginning of the first semester and ending at the end of the school year. (This schedule will allow for continuity of participation throughout the school year and will mean that the Student Representative-emeritus will be available to the new Representative for advice and consultation during his/her first months on the job.)

Adopted: July, 1999

Revised: January, 2011

Pocahontas County Board of Education

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