Policies Index

Classification System
Policy Manual Introduction
ABCDAA – Student Representative to the Pocahontas County Board of Education
BBC – Board Committees
BCBM – Board of Education Meetings
BCBN – Board Policy Development and Adoption
BCBP – School Board Effectiveness
DIC – Inventories
DJC – Procedures for Maintaining an Inventory of Equipment
DJD – Expense Reimbursement
EBD – Indoor Air Quality
EBF-Excessive Heat in Schools
EE-A – Wellness
FJ – Energy Plan for Pocahontas County Schools
FK – Integrated Pest Control Management Policy
GAD – County Professional Staff Development Council
GAE-A JCE-A – Racial, Sexual, Religious-Ethnic Harassment and Violence Policy
GAHB – Staff Political Activities
GAKR – Personnel Records
GBA-A – Annual Supplement for Classroom Teachers Holding National Board Certification
GBAB – Supplemental Salary for National Board Certification
GBB-A – Tuition Reimbursement
GBB-AA – Highly Qualified Teachers
GBE-AB GDE – Job Assignment of Members of Immediate Family
GBO GCO – Resignation
GBQC – Critical Need-Shortage – Substitute Teachers
GBRB-R – Professional Personnel Time Schedules
GBRH – Unpaid Leaves of Absence for Professional and Service Personnel
GBRHB-A – Professional Leave
GBRIA-A – Personal Leave Policy
GBRIA-GBRIB-GBRIF – Personal Leave Bank Policy
GBRIC – Return To Work Policy
GBRIH – Leave Donation Program
GBRK – Vacation
GBRL – Drug Free Workplace
GCC-C – Substitute Service Personnel List
IABB – Programs of Study

IDBC – AIDS Education
IDDE-R – Driver Education Vehicles
IE – School Calendar
IFCB – Field Trips and Excursions
IFCD – Volunteer Service
IH – Grading System for Pocahontas County Schools
IHD-A – Pocahontas County High School Mentor Program
IHE – Promotion, Acceleration, Placement and Retenion
IKJ – Pocahontas County Schools Athletic Policy

IKK – Pocahontas County High School Testing Out Criteria
IKL – Pocahontas County Schools Technology Policy
IKL-B Student Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Networks

IKL-C Student Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Networks
IKL-A Employee Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Networks JBCCA – Attendance Zone Policy
JCBB – Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools

JGCC Communicable Disease Control
JGCD Administration of Medications
JOA-Veteran’s Honor Funeral Assistant Community Service Program
KCB-LEBA – Pocahontas County Parent Involvement Policy
KG-R – Community Use of Facilities
KM – Visitors to the School
KOA – Community Involvement to Complement Education
LBB – Partnerships in Education