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Pocahontas County Schools

Acceptable Use Form

For Students in Grades 3-12


Pocahontas County Schools (PCS) encourages the use of technology to further its educational mission and to facilitate effective, leading edge educational practices. It is the general policy of PCS that all technology resources are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. We want our students to become ‘digital citizens’ and appropriately and safely learn, work, play and live in today’s global society. As a technology user, I will adhere to all West Virginia State and PCS policies including the following acceptable use guidelines. It is the responsibility of the individual user to follow these guidelines with all PCS technology when used off‐site and on‐site.


Student responsibilities:


  • I will use all technology (including but not limited to computers, cell phones, laptops, netbooks, PDA’s, MP3 players, iPods/iPads, tablets and other electronic devices) only for educational purposes approved by PCS and under the supervision of approved PCS personnel. I understand that all computers and all technology are property of PCS; their use is not private and use may be monitored and all files stored on computers or the server can be reviewed.
  • I acknowledge that cell phone usage and personal devices are prohibited during school hours.
  • I will not access, read, print, create, send or post unethical, illegal, immoral, inappropriate, or obscene materials.
  • I will not send harassing messages, pictures or information of any type to anyone –resulting in “cyber bullying”.
  • I will not disclose, use, or disseminate personal information unless approved by authorized PCS personnel for a specific educational purpose.
  • I will not misrepresent myself or use an alias; use another student’s username and password; or allow others to use my username and password.
  • I will not access email from a free or unsecured mail server. Email may be accessed through an approved PCS email account such as“” and only for educational purposes. This email may be monitored.
  • I will not participate in direct electronic messaging/posting activities (social networking, chat, wikis, blogs, etc.) unless assigned for a specific education purpose and under the direct supervision of the authorized PCS personnel responsible for the assigned activity.
  • In order to preserve bandwidth for all users, I will refrain from any “gaming” except the use of educational games that have been assigned to me and are supervised.
  • I will not attach devices to school equipment or network unless I have been given prior authorization; these devices may be confiscated.
  • I will treat all equipment with care and respect. I will not have food or drink near any equipment. I will not interfere with or disrupt other users, service, or equipment.
  • I will not use telecommunications provided by PCS for inappropriate or illegal purposes, buy or sell goods for personal gain, or political lobby. Any inappropriate or unsafe use of PCS telecommunications shall be reported to the adult in charge.
  • I will keep educational files stored on servers to a minimum; users should occasionally back up their files; student network folders should not exceed 5GB. I will use my OneDrive file for saving files before saving to my network file on the server.
  • I will not print without permission from a supervising instructor.



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Student Fair use and Copyright:


  • I understand that information obtained online is, unless specified, private property; therefore, I will not plagiarize information received in any form.
  • I will adhere to copyright laws (including but not limited to: software, documents, pictures, articles, graphic files, audio, music (CD & online), video, text, etc.) and privacy considerations.
  • I will cite all sources of information that I use in my projects and work, acknowledging the creator’s work.


Student Network Security:


  • I will not download, upload, install, or access any software or files onto any computer or other devices unless I have the approval of the building network administrator or other authorized PCS personnel.
  • I will use only files I have created or files/programs I am authorized to use; therefore, I will not change, copy, rename, delete, view or otherwise access files unless I have prior permission from the creator or network administrator.
  • I will respect network security and not attempt to bypass it. This includes, but is not limited to, “hacking” and attempting to interfere with system security software. If I am aware network resources are being used inappropriately or bypassed, I will report it to the adult in charge.
  • I will not knowingly create, distribute, or execute any virus, worm, Trojan horse, malware, spyware, spam, etc. or disable or change tools used to monitor hardware and software.
  • I will use only my assigned user name(s) and password(s). I will not share these or any other system passwords and will notify the appropriate adult of any security problems of which I am aware. I understand I am responsible if anyone else uses my username/passwords in an unauthorized manner.
  • I will respect network resources and will not engage in bandwidth intensive applications (This includes but is not limited to internet radio, TV programs, or streaming videos) without permission of the authorized school personnel.
  • I understand that these guidelines include use of personal devices such as cell phones, laptops, iPods/iPads/iPhones, MP3 players, tablets and other electronic technologies. I will not access school network resources with personal devices without the specific permission of the school network administrator. I will not use such devices for cheating, taking inappropriate pictures/videos, copying of materials that could be used for cheating, text messaging, circumventing the states/county network/internet filtering, cyber bullying, harassment, or any inappropriate communication. I understand that CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) requires that all Internet access be filtered; therefore, I will not use personal devices to circumvent these guidelines.
  • The technology user is personally responsible for his/her actions in accessing and utilizing the school’s technology resources. Based upon the severity of the violation, inappropriate use of the technology can result in suspension of privileges for a period of time, permanent loss of privileges and confiscation of cell phones. In the case of vandalism or malicious destruction of data or equipment, parents or user should expect to pay for repair and/or replacement of damages.

For further information refer to both:

West Virginia State Policy 2460(

PCS policy and guidelines (


These policies are established to ensure safe, appropriate and educational use.

Post this list at home and periodically go over these guidelines.



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File: IKL-C


Together we can better keep your child safe while using technology!



Acceptable Use Policy Signature Page

For Students in Grades 3-12

Please return this form to your homeroom teacher



I will follow the school policies and rules for using technology.


Student Name ______________________________________________________


Student Signature ___________________________________________________


Teacher’s Name________________________________________Grade________


I have read and discussed the Pocahontas County Acceptable Use Policy with my child.

I understand that Pocahontas County Schools provides access to computers, networks, the Internet and other technologies as a tool to facilitate learning and enhance the educational development of all students and that there are consequences if my child does not follow these rules.


As the parent (guardian) of ___________________________________ (student’s name), I have read the aforesaid consent and waiver for use of technology in school and have discussed this with my son/daughter. I understand that this access is for educational purposes only, and that it is the responsibility of my child to restrict his/her use to classroom projects assigned. Your child’s picture may appear on the school/county web page or newsletter. Guidelines have been set so that a child is not identifiable by name. If you do not wish for your child’s picture to appear, please notify the school in writing within five days of signing this form.



Parent Name _______________________________________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________________________


Date _______________________________


Adopted: October 24, 2016

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