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Pocahontas County Schools
Acceptable Use Form
For Students in Grades K2

Pocahontas County Schools (PCS) encourages the use of technology to further its educational mission and to facilitate effective, leading edge educational practices. It is the general policy of PCS that all technology resources are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. We want our students to become ‘digital citizens’ and appropriately and safely learn, work, play and live in today’s global society. As a technology user, I will adhere to all West Virginia State and PCS policies including the following acceptable use guidelines. It is my responsibility to follow these guidelines with all PCS technology when used at school or elsewhere. I understand that using the school’s technology is a privilege, and if I break the rules, I might not be able to use the computer and other devices.

Student Responsibilities:

  • I will always ask permission before using technology.
  • I will be careful and not damage the equipment I use.
  • I will ask for help if I don’t know what to do, or if something is not working.
  • I will use technology only when my teacher is with me.
  • I will follow my teacher’s instructions and only work on the programs, assignments and web pages that my teacher tells me to use.
  • I will use only my own files and folder on the server.
  • I will be safe when using technology and not give out or share any personal information.
  • I will use only my usernames and passwords and not share them with others.
  • I will tell my teacher right away if I see or read anything that makes me uncomfortable.
  • I will be polite, respectful, and kind to others at all times.
  • I will only take and send appropriate pictures and messages.
  • I will not buy or sell anything online.
  • I will follow the school and county rules when using personal devices.

Student Fair Use and Copyright:

  • I will do my own work and not copy the work of others that I find on the internet or other places.

Student Network Security:

  • I will not click on ads or boxes that pop up on my screen.
  • I will not download, upload, or install anything on school technology without my teacher’s approval.
  • I will not go around network security or disrupt the use of the network by others.


For further information refer to both, West Virginia State Policy 2460 http://wvde.state.wv.us/policies/ ) and PCS policy and guidelines (http://boe.poca.k12.wv.us/).  These policies are established to ensure safe, appropriate and educational use. Post this list at home and periodically go over these policies.   Great Resource ‐ http://www.netsmartzkids.org/

Together, we can better keep your child safe while using technology!


 Pocahontas County Schools’

Acceptable Use Policy Signature Page

For Students in Grades K‐2

Please return this form your classroom teacher



I will follow the school rules for using technology.


Student Name ______________________________________________________


Student Signature ___________________________________________________


Teacher’s Name____________________________________  Grade___________



I have read and discussed the Pocahontas County Acceptable Use Policy for Grades K‐2 with my child.

I understand that Pocahontas County Schools provides access to computers, networks; the Internet and other technologies as a tool to facilitate learning and enhance the educational development of all students and that there are consequences if my child does not follow these rules.


As the parent (guardian) of _________________________________ (student’s name), I have read the aforesaid consent and waiver for use of technology in school and have discussed this with my son/daughter. I understand that this access is for educational purposes only, and that it is the responsibility of my child to restrict his/her use to classroom projects assigned. Your child’s picture may appear on the school/county web page or newsletter. Guidelines have been set so that a child is not identifiable by name. If you do not wish for your child’s picture to appear, please notify the school in writing within five days of signing this form.


Parent Name _______________________________________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________________________


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